Proof There's Nothing Quite Like A Sibling Bond

August 22, 2014 12:32 PM

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Proof There's Nothing Quite Like A Sibling Bond

When I was two-and-a-half years old, my parents introduced me to my younger brother -- and only sibling -- for the first time. It was clear from the beginning just how different we were from one another: I was chatty, he was quiet; I was outgoing, he was timid; I was bossy, he was subservient (at first, that is). However, we learned to accept each other and these differences from a very young age, ultimately creating one of the most balanced relationships I've ever experienced. Even now, as we're separated by hundreds of miles and aren't able to physically see each other for most days of the year, I feel more connected to him than ever. We don't speak all that often -- we have gone as long as a month without even a text message -- but I still know that he's always there for me.

The connection is hard to describe in a single word. It's the comfort felt when you sit in the same room with your brother and sister, in pure silence, yet you both know how the other is feeling. It's picking up right where you left off, even if it's been weeks, months or years since the last deep c...

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