Projecting Your Insecurities Onto Your Kids

January 20, 2015 10:20 PM

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My question is about how to keep from projecting my fears or insecurities on to my kids. For instance, I noticed my 5-year-old daughter at recess at her preschool playing all alone, while most kids were in groups of two or three playing together. I began to feel sad and fearful that perhaps she is not being included by her peers. But, she talks about friends at school, is happy to go every day and her teachers just told me in conferences that she is doing just fine with the other kids in class. I know my fears have a lot to do with my memories of being a shy kid who felt left out at times. I worry that as my kids get older and have to deal with friends who will at times tease or leave them out, I may over react or say the wrong thing since I struggled with this as a kid. Any advice? Is at least noticing this in myself half the battle? Thanks!

Reader, you are my doppelganger! I was a shy kid too, and a Highly Sensitive Child, and I also was scared of people, anything physically scary, dogs -- I mean really anything. My parents were anxious and raised me to be anxious, so my number one goal as a parent was to make sure my child was not anx...

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