The Problem With Late Night With Seth Meyers: Trying to Be an Every Man

September 23, 2014 4:34 PM

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There is a bit in Late Night with Seth Meyers where Meyers playfully banters with Fred Armisen, the show's bandleader, and questions him about absurd statements he has made -- Armisen claims to have discovered a new parakeet species, founded his own college, and saved a life. It is easily the best part of the whole show and is reminiscent of a past Meyers routine that worked very well -- his banter with Bill Hader's character Stefon on SNL's Weekend Update segment.

Recently when Hader was a guest on Late Night he talked about why he would crack up when he played Stefon. Hader says he loves when people are patient with obnoxious people, i.e. Meyers was patient with the ridiculous Stefon. It is the same dynamic with Armisen. It's true that Meyers is patient but ...

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