The probe that will explore Pluto, New Horizons, wakes up today

December 6, 2014 3:46 PM

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Aside from the ESA dropping the Philae lander onto the back of a moving comet as if we were living in a Bruce Willis movie, New Horizons is the most exciting thing happening in space anytime soon. Next year, the New Horizons probe will reach Pluto, a space rock that will immediately reveal someone’s age depending on whether or not they refer to it as a planet. It launched back in January of 2006, and now nearly nine years later, it has woken up, and is ready to make its final push to Pluto.

Back when New Horizons began its nearly three-billion-mile journey, Pluto was still considered a planet; the probe will wake to a harsh new reality. While Voyager has traveled much farther than New Horizons will — having actually left the Solar System (more than once, even) — New Horizons will study...

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