Princes & Crows Wallpaper, Murals and Decor by Alix Soubiran | Morena Duwe

February 24, 2015 10:10 PM

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Princes & Crows Wallpaper, Murals and Decor by Alix Soubiran | Morena Duwe

Even since the days of early human existence, mankind has shared an inexplicable need to decorate their humble abodes. From archaic cave drawings to complex hieroglyphs, beautifying the walls which surround us has become a part of human nature. Wallpaper is an extension of this need but has vastly evolved. Artist Alix Soubiran is the catalyst of this evolution taking her hand painted images and turning them into one-of-a-kind wall coverings. Born and raised in Paris, she studied fine art and graduated with a Master of Political Science in Lyon, France. Wanderlust lead her to Los Angeles in 2008 where she founded the micro company, Princes & Crows, which focuses on wallpaper and decor for high-end clientele. In addition to specializing in custom wallpapers, she offers custom paintings, rugs, textiles and murals. Alix also provides a one stop shop for interior designers and architects creating custom murals and wallpapers for their projects.

The Princes & Crows team consists of Alix and her second in command, Miles Najera. Studying and working in the field of graphic design for six years, Miles has developed a distinctive style that utilizes geometric lines and shapes, kaleidoscopic patterns and bold color palettes. Skilled in drawing a...

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