Prevent Kids From 'Sliding' Over the Summer

October 30, 2014 5:21 PM

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Just the other day my neighbor casually mentioned an upcoming camp registration deadline for her kids. For next summer! I was completely caught off guard. Can it really be time to start planning for NEXT summer? I don't even have my Halloween decorations out yet; I don't have child-care plans for a fast approaching school holiday and so much more. Nonetheless, now I am thinking about summer and about what I would like to do differently from last summer. Like many, I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt regarding the number of books my kids did not read and the amount and quality of screen time I allowed. I wasn't prepared with clear examples and scripts when my kids came home from camp having just recently learned less than desirable behaviors and words. I failed again on reading the bullying blogs to give my kids the tools to handle other kid's words and even shoves. Maybe I should start planning now so I can be the mom I want to be next summer? Now that I know about better options, I will be ahead of the game. Studies show that we should all start planning now, for our own children and for the children in our community and our nation.

This is a unique spot, late in the year and planning for summer, which feels much farther away than it actually is. This time, in the fourth quarter, allows us the perfect opportunity to consider year-end contributions to charities. I would implore people to think about how they can allocate support...

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