'Pretty Woman' turns 25 today! Relive your favorite moments!

March 23, 2015 7:15 PM

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'Pretty Woman' turns 25 today! Relive your favorite moments!

Julia Roberts plays Vivian, the street smart L.A. hooker who is hired by Edward for the week to be his “beck-and-call girl.” He wines and dines — and requests her presence for business appearances — so she has to ditch her streetwalking clothes and get into some serious couture. Only problem? Stuck up salesladies at fancy fashion boutiques don’t want to wait on her. Everyone’s favorite moment by far is when she returns to the store after a fun-filled day of shopping with Edward to rub it all up in the face of the smug jerk who rejected her. Mmmmmm, Karma.

Edward asks Vivian to accompany him on a business dinner, and she is wholly unaware of how the silverware and etiquette should be tackled. The dinner is tense, with Edward aggressively committing to buy out and dismantle the business of his guests. Meanwhile, Vivian is counting tines and losing grip...

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