Pretty Little Liars Recap: Where The Hell Is A?

January 28, 2015 7:48 AM

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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Where The Hell Is A?

Here’s how I know “The Bin of Sin” is kind of lackluster: the whole time, I wondered what Jenna Marshall was doing. Last we saw Toby’s naughty little stepsister, she and Sydney were Ali’s masked companions at the Christmas ball—but, as they revealed to Emily, they were only accompanying her for their own self-preservation and wouldn’t feel safe until Ali was behind bars. What might have been keeping me in the episode this week was A's complete absence. Before this week, “Over a Barrel” was the most A-free PLL episode we had seen, but this one goes entirely without the Liars’ omniscient terrorizer. Really, where is everyone, for that matter? Where is Cece Drake? Where is Detective Holbrook? How is Holbrook still totally messing up the Liars’ lives without having appeared even once this winter season?

1. Officer Holbrook doesn’t even need screen time to keep it caustic in Rosewood.

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