'Pretty Little Liars' boss talks Big 'A,' whether there's an Uber 'A'

March 24, 2015 5:05 PM

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In Rosewood, there’s very little that we know to be fact. However, at this point, it feels like we can safely say that Mona was Original “A.” Season 1 was her doing. But for the past three seasons of Pretty Little Liars, fans have been left with the mystery of Big “A”—the person who took the game from Mona when she went to Radley. And in tonight’s season 5 finale, Big “A” will be revealed.

Hope you’re ready for prom: When asked about the tuxedo hanging in the “A” lair at the end of the last hour, King teased that there is a formal event that is, well, “not a traditional formal event.” And when we brought up that the timing fits perfectly with prom, she continued, “Well it is time for ...

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