Precision medicine takes genetic mapping to the next level

January 28, 2015 6:11 AM

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Precision medicine takes genetic mapping to the next level

Already, this genetic mapping and analysis, a key component of the emerging medical specialty known as precision medicine, is being practiced at various academic centers and private specialist doctors' offices. With a trained practitioner and the appropriate diagnostics, you can learn if you have a genetic predisposition to early menopause, for instance, allowing you the chance to decide whether to get pregnant now, or to freeze your eggs. Or if you're in danger of a heart attack, even though you are a triathlete. Or if you have a predisposition to a disease, that — in your case — can be sparked by stress, giving you the time to explore meditation, if not medication.

This proactive and deeply personalized approach is clearly the future of medicine. But with President Obama's announcement of a new precision medicine Initiative during his State of the Union address, we may see an acceleration of both the funding and availability for this wealth of genetic data.

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