How Prayer and Meditation Changed My Life

September 5, 2014 7:09 PM

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Years ago, I found myself at a horrible place in my life. I was feeling exhausted, uneasy and very anxious. It was during that time that I made a conscious decision that something had to change. While I have always been a deeply spiritual person, I knew that this exhaustion I was feeling was coming from a place of spiritual emptiness. In other words, spirituality was more of an obligation than a pleasure in my life. I learned that spirituality can be a very enjoyable experience. Spirituality is not something that we do. Spirituality is a way of being that comes from living a heart-centered and soul-liberated life. So I decided to make prayer and meditation a normal part of my daily life. That was almost 17 years ago and my life has never been the same. Prayer and meditation truly changed my life!

1. Prayer is simply a divine conversation. I see prayer as an opportunity for humanity to express itself to divinity. Prayer is a sacred spiritual practice that transformed my life. Every morning I wake up extra early for prayer. I don't allow any electronic devices during this time. That means no t...

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