In Praise Of A Condiment Better Than Ketchup

January 20, 2015 8:02 PM

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In Praise Of A Condiment Better Than Ketchup

It's time again to take a magnifying glass to one of the best things in life. In case you missed the last two installments, this is the latest in a new HuffPost series, Popular Things That Are Also Good. We're exploring the age-old notion that popular things are somehow lower quality pleasures than niche ones. Not true! In rare and life-affirming instances, a thing beloved by all -- be it a pop song, snack variety or family film -- is so undeniably good even the elitists sing/snack/stare along.

We'd like to shout our message from the mountaintops, like the lead character in one of our favorite, worthwhile family films, The Sound Of Music: a thing can be both popular and good. Just look at the holiday classic we investigated last month, The Snowman. David Bowie gives it two thumbs up and so...

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