The Power of Two | Rupa Mehta

August 21, 2014 2:26 PM

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The Power of Two | Rupa Mehta

We've all been there. That point where your muscles start to shake, you're sweating from places you didn't think you could sweat from, and your inner voice starts to whisper, "I can't do this." Deep down you know you could continue, but a break would feel so nice. And then, whether in a spin class, or aerobics class, or weight room, or yoga studio, you see that person next to you pushing through the pain, raising the bar, challenging themselves, and suddenly you find yourself doing exactly the same. That is the power of group training.

Every week I get to witness the power of group fitness and the way it transforms people inside and out. The core principle of Nalini Method is that to attain a true state of health we must be physically and emotionally fit. Exercising with a friend, loved one or even with a room full of strangers c...

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