The Power of Our Stories

December 15, 2014 2:52 PM

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Our stories define us. They affect our well-being, our relationships, our present and our future. They are vehicles of energy, vessels of possibility. They contain infinite potential and we can harness light and power from the experiences of our lives. Every ordeal we have suffered holds some treasure for us. Every catastrophe has stripped us of something and given us something. The nakedness, we know. The gifts are yet to be unearthed. According to Hannah Arnedt, the story reveals the meaning of what would otherwise be an intolerable event.

It takes time to harvest our experiences, to ferret out the events that are enduring and valuable, despite their consequences. It never happens by default. It happens by paying attention to the things that happen to us, mining them for meaning, consolidating the facts, and creating the story with it...

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