"Post Mortem Presents: A Very Victorian Christmas," Post Mortem Movement Theatre, Long Beach CA

December 20, 2014 6:41 PM

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The party prelude hooks you. There's a Door Girl (Danielle Kaufman), a vampy pre-Henry Higgins Eliza Doolittle. A long, dark passageway - wait, is this Halloween? Rooms (so many possibilities but, alas, locked) off to the side. You emerge from this dim lit vaguely Christmassy birth canal and - gasp! - light. Crowd noise, music, a bar - red and green potent potables for one, please. A vampire, burlesque girls, a ghost, a clown and other dignitaries of darkness and noir hold court. A Host (Beth Pennington) calls the assembly to order and, like steel filings that hurl themselves at a redheaded magnet, it begins.

"Post Mortem Presents: A Very Victorian Christmas" is a staggering (in more ways than one) achievement. It gifts you the perfect antidote for the Whitman Sampler of bah, humbug Noel platitudes.

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