Population doubles for the Amur Leopard, world’s rarest cat

February 24, 2015 6:53 PM

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Animal endangerment has been a major problem in the last few hundred years as humans have dominated the environment. Big cats have been one of the hardest hit groups due to poaching and shrinking habitats. One of the cats from the list that is nearing extinction is the rare Amur Leopard, which has been on the ropes for many years. Luckily though, conservation efforts have helped the Amur Leopard species to make a comeback since 2007. New census data from Russia’s Land of the Leopard National Park shows that their population has nearly doubled in the area to a minimum of 57, which is an increase from the 30 reported in 2007.

In order to handle the counting of the Amur Leopards, the researchers in the area spread out camera traps all over the park region to photograph it. While it might be difficult for humans to safely approach the leopards, the cameras were able to easily capture over 10,000 pictures of these big cats....

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