The Pollan Family's Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

November 24, 2014 12:57 PM

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The Pollan Family's Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

This elegant Manhattan apartment -- its tall ceilings, bisque walls hung with grand oil paintings, and windows overlooking the thrilling green of Central Park -- is full of warm, familiar sounds, like bare feet on wood floors and knives drumming against cutting boards and the snapping pops of delicious fried things becoming delicious fried things. But the smell in here, a combination of roast turkey, olive oil, fresh herbs and caramelized sugar, is the place's most extraordinary feature by far. Follow it through the front door and you'll find yourself in the kitchen, where food magazines are stuffed in every nook, the cupboards contain everything from corkscrew pasta to coriander, and four women who look remarkably alike are making Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, sort of. Today the women of the Pollan family -- Corky, the matriarch and daughters Dana, Lori and Tracy -- have assembled to fine-tune the Turkey Day menu, using Tracy's apartment (which she shares with her husband, the actor Michael J. Fox, and their four children) as a laboratory. Perfectin...

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