October 30, 2014 9:28 PM

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In New York last week, I made it a point (no pun intended!) to see "Tail! Spin!", a hilarious political satire on our wayward politicians and their penises. You'll remember Anthony Wiener's infamous--and virally viewed--selfie ("I was hacked," he moaned); and Larry Craig's "wide stance" in the airport men's room; and Mark Foley's predilection for congressional pages; and Mark Sanford's trek on the Appalachian Trail. Here they are, all four of them, in their own self-righteous words, It's a riot. impeccably re-enacted by a fabulous cast, with all their excuses and explanations, their deflections and--finally--their unconvincing, if abject apologies.

Okay, it's a riot. But it's really a pretty sad tale. We men--you women may have noticed--seem to have a hard time controlling our libidos. Or no, it's not really a matter of "control", it's more a matter of knowing how to use our sexual gifts joyfully, to the appropriate satisfaction of our natural...

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