Poetics For Times Of Adversity

June 27, 2016 3:09 PM

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Love is the most complex emotion we can ever experience: powerful as it is vulnerable, and beautiful as it is foreboding. Love is an invitation to engage our greatest hopes and our deepest fears. Love is strengthened by worthiness and diminished by self-doubt. But why do we complicate our greatest gift? Because when we offer our heart for safekeeping, our demons come out to taunt our joy. If we give in, we savage the gift with shame, abandonment or betrayal: the three apocalyptic wounds responsible for the infamies of our humanity.

I am painting love with a grim brush to forewarn you of its enemies. Enough said to the wise? Not really, because wisdom does not equal perfection. The remedy to overcome the enemies of love is not to seek perfection. Our demons are immune to bullets, but not to compassion.

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