Pocket Squares Fit for an (Almost) King

March 6, 2015 5:15 PM

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Pocket Squares Fit for an (Almost) King

THE NEW BIOGRAPHY “Charles: The Heart of a King” by Catherine Mayer, has sparked a wave of stories about the Prince of Wales in almost every English newspaper. They’ve focused on everything from his frugal habits with food (he’s apparently a consummate wrapper-upper) to his environmental consciousness (he once used his dirty bathwater to hydrate his garden at St. James’s Palace).

As a London resident, what I’ve relished most about the recent Charles-fest are the countless photographs of the 66-year old monarch that accompany these stories, reminding me what a dapper and, yes, even eccentric gent HRH is. Possibly my favorite of the Prince’s sartorial quirks is his persistent ...

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