Playing House Should be Renewed. Now.

July 28, 2014 7:12 PM

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Playing House Should be Renewed. Now.

I've had a pretty crappy few days. When that happens, I like to spend time with my old friends. Unfortunately, as we've gotten older and moved to various locations throughout the country, it has become difficult to call everyone over for a This Is My Life screening. So what to do? Well, use the phone and Skype. And then watch television shows or movies about friends. Last night, I watched a couple of episodes of Playing House. I love Playing House. I don't understand why it has not been renewed yet. Get on the ball, USA Network.

There are not many broadcast or cable comedies centering on women. If you look at the broadcast shows returning in the fall, the only comedies that have women as their true central characters are 2 Broke Girls, Mom, New Girl and The Mindy Project. Of those, only 2 Broke Girls is really about female ...

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