Pixie Cut Regret and the Art of Non-Attachment

September 1, 2014 11:11 PM

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By nature, I am a decisive person. Need a decision made quickly and with confidence? I'm your gal. Unfortunately, my decisions are, historically, not always the right ones (see: dropping out of college; continuing unhealthy relationships; youthful mistreatment of my liver; scrunchies). I thought that my decision making would improve with age, and it has. Mostly. But there are still those hastily-made decisions that leave me questioning my ability to navigate safely through life (see: The Great Pixie Cut of 2013). On a whim, and armed with an inspiration picture of Miley Cyrus, I visited my local discount hair salon for the $10 Tuesday special. I walked out disappointed and full of regret. I felt exposed, vulnerable, uncharacteristically self-conscious. I was Samson without the violent tendencies, Fantine without the crying. A familiar chorus: I made a terrible mistake.

By trade, I am a yoga instructor. I love yoga and believe it is a pathway to a healthy body. More importantly, yoga provides tools that help you handle the craziness of this world -- how to not get knocked down when the waves roll in. But yoga isn't about finding balance; it's about finding equanimi...

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