Pillars Of Creation Revisited In New Hubble Photo To Honor 25th Anniversary

January 6, 2015 2:03 AM

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NASA is paying tribute to the Pillars of Creation, just 20 years after its discovery to mark the 25th Anniversary of Hubble’s launch. This spectacular part of the Eagle Nebula captivated astronomers and classrooms when it was first photographed back in 1995. Now, with even better equipment on board than before, Hubble turned its attention once again to the famous nebula. Though it is located a seemingly impossible 6,500 light years away, Hubble captures the clouds and colors with a majestic beauty that makes them feel close enough to reach out and touch.

Photographed here in a combination of visual and infrared data, the immense detail of the Eagle Nebula is remarkable. The Pillars of Creation seen in circled area. (Image from NASA)

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