Pianist HJ Lim: At Last, a Presence!

March 30, 2015 10:59 PM

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[...] in the end, whether he writes very well or very poorly is of little importance. The essential thing is that he write and that he actually be present in his books (it's strange that so simple a condition, in appearance so barely discriminating, in reality be so to such a degree [...]: because, in principle, human beings possess, for lack of quality, the same quantity of being; they are all, in principle, also approximately present. However, that is not the impression they give [...]).

- an appalling absence (all the more lethal when they play with sensitivity, taste and sincerity), such as Houellebecq describes it: "and too often, as you turn the pages that you sense were dictated by the spirit of the time more than by a peculiar individuality, you see an uncertain being unravel,...

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