Photographing The Road Ahead With John Hornbeck

October 9, 2014 1:53 AM

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Photographing The Road Ahead With John Hornbeck

I've always liked the photographs of John Hornbeck. His obvious connection to the school of Moriyama and Nakahira mean that his work exhibits grit, grain, and high contrast. All things that I love in a photograph. Then, there is also this peculiar idea of the road ahead or, occasionally, behind - as glimpsed through a mirror. There is something strangely seducing in these photographs. One after the other, they exhibit a sameness and, yet, at the same time, no two are alike. Our mind, our eyes, our imagination all work diligently to distinguish the differences, the nuances. Through this act, these photographs become highly engaging and even brave in their taunting challenge to keep looking from one to the next. John Hornbeck claims in this interview that he will never tire of this look, this approach to photography; he may well be right.

Michael Ernest Sweet: John, this is great work. It instantly reminds me of Daido Moriyama and surely that's a compliment. Your work is quite diverse, certainly more so than what we're showing here, but I wanted to focus on this series. I'm intrigued by these images. Can you speak a little about what...

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