'Peter Pan Live' review: So was it really as bad as you'd hoped?

December 5, 2014 5:40 AM

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We were promised hate-watching. We were told that NBC was “counting on” us to tune into Peter Pan Live! just to complain that Allison Williams wasn’t talented enough, or British enough, or Mary Martin enough. We prepped our Twitter jokes about how the dog (a real dog!) was the most natural actor in the whole cast. We waited for the sets to fall apart, for the wires suspending the actors above the stage to break, for Captain Hook’s hook to fly off stage and break some NBC intern’s glasses. We readied our thinkpieces about the uncomfortable implications of Peter flirting with Wendy and also wanting her to be his mother. And then something incredible happened. Peter Pan Live! wasn’t an epic failure. It was something much more shocking to the American public. It was… fine.

Totally fine. Just as I’d suspected. Nothing spectacular. But nothing so embarrassing as NBC’s live production of The Sound of Music, which drew 22 million viewers, along with complaints that Carrie Underwood had “all the charisma of a UPS truck.” Williams can sing, though her British accent is stil...

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