Permanent Temporary Connections

August 5, 2014 2:56 PM

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The last few months has been filled with a unity amongst strangers that is seemingly impossible to create when there are no overriding, special circumstances. First we had the World Cup where nations from across the World selected their talented team and travelled to Rio to compete in Football's most glamorous honor. Millions of people undertook the same journey in a bid to support their Country's attempt to bring home the most iconic of prizes in sport. More recently, the Commonwealth Games has just finished in the UK. Whilst slightly fewer attendees than the World Cup, Nations from the Commonwealth all competed against each other to win the most medals.

What both of these events and previous pan-Global events have done is to create a temporary connection between people. It does not matter if the people were competitors, part of the competing squads, members of the spectating public or indeed the hundreds and thousands of volunteers it takes to put ...

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