Perils of Fire Fighting: Too Much Heat and Too Little Light

July 14, 2014 6:42 PM

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We live increasingly, it seems, in a world of too much heat, and too little light. Our failure to get the memo about climate change even as our goose is cooking is certainly an example. But in general, life seems inclined to imitate our fractious system of dysfunctional politics -- where no on can agree with anyone about anything. Opinions are overcooked, rhetoric is overheated, and an illuminated understanding of one another and the common bonds of humanity we all share is very elusive indeed.

But I believe, and hope, that in spite of it all -- we can agree on fire fighters. There must surely be a short list of things on which we can still agree despite the modern castigate-first-and-consider-after (if ever) reflex. If so, an appreciation for fire fighters must be near the top of the list...

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