The Perfect Diet

November 21, 2014 3:51 PM

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Keeping up with all the diet advice out there is a tough job. It's even tough for me, a registered dietitian. If we listened to all the doctors, news, magazines, friends and family we are left with nothing but confusion about what to eat. Things that we have felt solid about for years -- like milk being good for our bones, or non-calorie sweeteners being a helpful way to reduce calories from sugar -- get media attention saying the opposite. And for weight loss, is it high carb with low fat or low carb with high protein? Can't it just be simple?

I have worked with people for a long time on finding the perfect diet that leads to a healthy weight and feeling great. However, no matter how much we hear about health and wellness being a lifestyle most of us still prefer the quick fix, or if not the quick fix, then a black and white answer.

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