Are People Around You Holding You Back?

December 4, 2014 4:50 PM

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The people we spend the most time with become the common denominator for who we are and how we behave and show up in the world. Looking at it in the extreme, if you want to become a highly evolved person who wants to make positive changes in the world, hanging out with drug addicts or gang members will not support you in rising upward. Now I know that sounds really silly, duh! But, if everything is energy, who we hang out with has a huge effect on vibration--even when those people are only slightly below where we want to be. Whoever is in our proximity the most will be the common denominator for determining at what level we think and behave. The company you keep is critical in determining your success.

Time and Energy Wisdom: Spend time with people who energize you and support your dream.

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