Penn Badgley on MOTHXR: "We Earn No Money Right Now"

April 24, 2015 6:19 PM

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Cool vibes, cool venue, down-to-earth guys - that's how I could describe the night when I met with the band called, MOTHXR. I wish I could meet with some more bands who are like them. They do it, because this is their passion, a realization of something they've wanted for so long. While I was talking to Penn and Simon, I could just be so grateful for meeting with them, because that chilled and relaxed attitude, what let their intuition work pretty well, made me feel this is the only way how it worth to live a life. These guys rock- and I am sure, will do.

You were waiting for so long to start doing something with music. What it took so long? What was that moment, when you decided not to skip this music thing anymore?

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