Peace Is Not What You Think

August 26, 2014 8:41 PM

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Some time ago Deb went to run a bath and found a spider in the tub. At that moment she was presented with a choice: flush the spider down the drain or take the time to get it out (bearing in mind that Deb is not very fond of spiders). She also realized that whichever choice she made was totally dependent on her frame of mind. If she was in a bad mood, depressed, or angry then she'd be most likely to wash the spider away; if she was feeling happy, calm, and at peace with herself, then she would undoubtedly help it out.

In other words, when we're upset or angry then all we want to do is hurt someone or something else (like a spider), as our pain gets projected onto others or blamed onto everything around us: "It's your fault I'm unhappy!" But when we're happy or in a good mood then it's virtually impossible for us ...

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