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June 28, 2013 2:31 AM

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Many are left to wonder what is to come of the Paula Deen Empire. Some may be wondering, but not many knew how massive the once iconic personality’s business was. Paula Deen had the backing of some of the most powerful forces in food and retail. Most knew her for the constantly aired shows and ever popular restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. Her name in television had grown so big that she had multiple shows. She even spread the popularity to her family, where spinoffs of her shows developed shows for her sons as well. Once her name was solidified in TV, Paula marched over into retail with everything from cooking ware to clothing carried the star’s name. But television and retail wouldn’t be the last stop. Along with her own line of books, Paula began doing speaking engagements. With the success of all her others business ventures, the speaking engagements were the most profitable, grossing over 6 million dollars a year.

Yet with all these various ventures, Southern Belle also was partnered with the likes of retail giant, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Caesar’s Entertainment, and Smithfield Foods. And since the news of Paula’s racial slurs, Every last one of those partnerships have collapsed, leaving many to wonder w...

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