PART 1: The Real Cost of Production in the Music Industry

April 22, 2015 10:28 PM

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In 1985, Austrian artist Falco released his eventual number one Billboard single Rock Me Amadeus and introduced me to a technology in the music industry that hadn't really been exposed to the masses at that level. The song featured a cool stuttering vocal lead that, at the time, was mesmerizing to hear in the midst of a funky beat and catchy gang vocal of men yelling the song title. It was a large commercially successful use of a vocal sampler. The idea that a person could record their voice and digitally reproduce it in different note values was just mind boggling to me.

So after blood letting my ears from the 12 speaker sound system in my 77 red Chevette from listening to that tune over and over, I wandered into my local music store at the mall. A new portable keyboard, small enough to tuck under your shirt, called the Casio SK1 was prominently displayed. Because I...

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