Paris' Palais de Tokyo Assembles a Playful Show Inspired by Duchamp

April 14, 2015 7:10 PM

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Ever since Marcel Duchamp posed the Dadaist question with his readymades, "Can one make works of art which are not "of art," the boundaries of art have been a flexible, permeable thing. Why are some things considered "art" - and afforded the respect and criticism that comes with that - and others not? The most contentious examples of this question are explored in "Le Bord des Mondes," the new show at Paris' Palais de Tokyo curated by Rebecca Lamarche Vadel.

Essentially, this means a collection of work which, while produced by creatives and possessing many of the qualities of traditional art, have generally not been made for sale, exhibition or as part of a canon. This includes the work of Theo Jansen, who each year unleashes his wicker-and-pipework "St...

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