Parentlessness, Loneliness, and All Those Other Good Things

August 18, 2014 4:25 PM

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Parentlessness, Loneliness, and All Those Other Good Things

There was a grave realization I came to when I spoke with my mother over the phone a few days ago. Without coming out and saying exactly what I wanted to say, I was trying to convey to her a personal struggle I was going through (and still am going through). What I really was trying to do was make her feel guilty and pity me, but no matter how many times the level of anger in my voice fluctuated, I was essentially banging my head against a brick wall. She wouldn't give me the apology I wanted. She did not feel the way I'd hoped she would feel. Instead she did what she always does and is quite good at doing: She was honest.

She talked around the underlying issue. She boasted about me and went on and on about how proud of me she is for the little things I've accomplished in the time I've spent away from my family. I didn't want to hear any of that; instead I wanted to hear "I am sorry," but the only thing she was truly ...

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