The Pain of Absence and Presence

December 6, 2014 9:49 PM

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With 23 years between my two children, I entered a different world in 1995 when my second child was born. As an old-schooled mom, I wasn't familiar and grew terribly confused by the aggressive parenting style I encountered the second time around. But I continued raising my second child in the same way as my first, having learned my mother's devout teachings "to feel what another feels by walking in the other's shoes." To this day, I'm pleased with the results whenever I put her words into action.

An example of my mother's wisdom: When my first husband was critically ill and in the hospital, I spent endless days and nights by his side while my daughter stayed with my parents. Every night I'd come home after my daughter had just fallen asleep. Already feeling guilty for leaving the hospital, I...

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