Outrage Is the New Black: Don't Be a Troll

October 9, 2014 7:18 PM

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Outrage Is the New Black: Don't Be a Troll

Nothing ruins an intellectually satisfying article online like perusing the comments section beneath an article that may have previously restored our faith in humanity. Take for example, a wonderfully warm Huffington Post piece by Doyin Richards that catalogued a set of pictures of engaged fathers doing what they do best, from snuggling with a newborn to getting toenails painted, from making silly faces to bring a smile to their kids' faces to climbing uncomfortably into a crib to provide a child with a sense of comfort. One might be tempted to think this article is about as safe a topic as can be penned. After all, who in the world would disparage fathers from pursuing relationships with their children?

Skip down to the comments section, and that's where you will find them: the trolls of the worldwide web. Mythically speaking, trolls were terrifying creatures who hid under bridges, waiting for their prey to cross, at which point, in all their hideousness, they would ambush travelers. In comparing t...

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