'Outlander' Starz Episode 2 Review: Women's Rights Reversal

August 18, 2014 7:46 PM

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'Outlander' Starz Episode 2 Review: Women's Rights Reversal

When watching the second episode (read the "Castle Leoch" episode synopsis first, if needed) of the riveting Outlander series by Starz, it's fascinating to see the carefully-crafted depictions of life in 18th century Scotland. The costuming (by designer Terry Dresbach) intricately shows not only the large volume of clothing that women wore during that time period, but also the lengthy process that a lady endured, daily, in dressing. Dresbach also gives us a glimpse of both work clothes, as the characters go about their daily work in the castle or outdoors, and dressier outfits in the assembly at the Great Hall. It's like an amazing 18th Century fashion show! Under the direction of producer, Ron D. Moore, the set designers illustrate life without electricity through all of the candles and torches that are used for lighting, as well as the food that would've been consumed and the detailed, historically-accurate furnishings that fill the castle. The combination of the very convincing visual selections mentally draw the viewers into the show and help them to feel a fraction of Claire's bewilderment and awe at what she's seeing.

However, the most interesting illustration is the comparison and contrast of Claire to the 18th century women in the show. When Claire arrives at Castle Leoch, her torn white dress from 1945, which the Highlanders all believe is her "shift" or slip, sets her even further apart in similarity from the...

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