Outlander: "The Devil's Mark" Review

April 19, 2015 3:15 PM

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Outlander has many strengths, but one is the show's versatility. In the first 10 episodes, the show has been a romance, an adventure, a comedy, and a drama. The current flows in the same direction but takes twists and turns into these different areas and does so naturally and often exceptionally. Tonight's episode hit an intense tone we haven't quite seen before but switched between that tone and quieter moments and then hit an emotional wall with full velocity. It was a ride.

The back and forth between Geillis and Claire was particularly striking and beautiful in its own way. The juxtaposition of them become closer friends than ever during this horrific event -- chatting and joking in their cell and then being attacked by the mobs -- was well done. They argued, they bond...

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