Out of the 'Boat', And Into the Frying Pan

February 10, 2015 1:35 AM

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Out of the 'Boat', And Into the Frying Pan

When I was young, friends would always excitedly tell me that I look just like Lucy Liu. Though absolutely complimentary, these occurrences were mildly confusing as I eventually came to realize that I share nearly no physical similarities with the Charlie's Angels star, besides the fact that we are both thin Asian females with freckles. Her squared jaw and almond shaped eyes are distinctly different than my own less angular, heart shaped, wide-eyed face.

Despite that, one other similarity I share with Lucy is that we both come from Chinese families. It has never occurred to me that using chopsticks isn't like second nature to some people. I've had many a friend genuinely ask if I really eat orange chicken for dinner all the time. (The answer is no. ...

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