How Our Social Connections Can Help Relieve Our Worries

February 28, 2015 2:51 PM

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The one thing we could all use more of is face time (that's real face-to-face time, not video calls from your iPad!). An endless number of things -- like your phone buzzing, your to-do list or what you're going to make for the kids' lunches tomorrow -- distract you from the person sitting right in front of you. The irony here is the more you try to do at once in the name of multitasking, the more frazzled, ineffective and out of touch with your surroundings you become. Attempting to do more in every moment isn't the way to manage stress. Instead, put your phone away and try giving your undivided attention to one person today. Practice resisting your urge to interrupt them and pause for a moment before responding to allow their thoughts to sink in. You'll find that you have a clearer head and, likely, a better mood. When done right, truly listening strengthens your focus muscle -- and the more focused you can be on the task at hand, in this case a conversation, the better you'll feel and the more productive you'll be. Read more about how giving your undivided attention reduces stress.

Juggling everything is exhausting -- and it weakens your connection to purpose. When you let busyness (and ensuing stress) consume you, you max out your mental resources long before you've lived up to your potential. But busyness is a fact of life, so how do you step away from the constant clamor wi...

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