Our Bodies Wear Out

December 3, 2014 10:18 PM

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As a hospice nurse I often have very difficult conversations with people. I come in to their homes and say things like "our bodies wear out" and "bodies are temporary." I speak slowly -- intuitively trying to gauge the individual or families' ability to handle and absorb what I am saying. My goal is not to upset people but to bring understanding and, if possible, bring some acceptance. I have seen that this acceptance generates peace and comfort. Death comes whether we agree to it or not but with acceptance comes a decrease in suffering. My goal is to help reduce suffering whenever I can -- sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot.

In my line of work I often meet people who do not want to accept the truth of their current condition. They say, "This should not be happening to me." Occasionally I can, very gently, help them find acceptance, to snuggle into the truth of what is. I once met an old man near the end of his life who ...

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