When the Other Side Is Too Close

September 29, 2014 1:42 PM

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When the Other Side Is Too Close

For most of us the other side is something we don't think much about. When someone close to us is very ill or dies, we do what we can do to get through our grief, and we continue on. Life is about this side and giving our best to what each day presents. Meanwhile, for many people, the other side is not something limited to brief encounters with death and dying but is something very close, present, a big part of life. The other side has been experienced in an extraordinary visitation, lucid dream, prayer, meditation, or Near Death Experience. This experience in its extreme vividness is stationed as if fixed in one's awareness. No matter how much they would like to get back to everyday life as they were before, they have had a spiritual awakening. The other side is close, too close, impacting nearly everything including what they do, think, and feel.

For the many thousands who had had a spiritual awakening, the other side is not some story about spirits and angels. It is not some belief brought home from Church. Almost uniformly, the other side is an experience of being in a vast space of great acceptance, boundless love or light that has penetr...

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