The Originals recap: 'The Brothers That Care Forgot'

November 25, 2014 9:15 AM

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The Originals recap: 'The Brothers That Care Forgot'

This week's entire episode centered around the idea that we all arrive in this world as innocents, as small children our parents are supposed to nurture and protect. And I couldn't help but think: Thank goodness that Esther and Mikael's idea of "nurture and protect" involved so many traumatizing experiences, because how boring would things be if the Originals were even remotely normal? But the good news is that these siblings are anything but normal, and they're also willing to do whatever it takes to protect Hope's innocence.

Act One: Brotherly love With Kol and Finn both at the compound, Klaus and Elijah don't waste any time before they begin their pitch, listing off the many reasons why the witchy brothers should turn on their mother, which include: Eating all the pastries they want and keeping all of their limbs. It's...

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