‘Orange Is the New Black’: Inside the Wild S2 Finale and What’s Next for Season 3

July 13, 2014 9:31 AM

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‘Orange Is the New Black’: Inside the Wild S2 Finale and What’s Next for Season 3

Marlow: Now that ample time has passed, let’s talk about that excellent Orange Is the New Black Season 2 finale, and what we can expect in Season 3. As we’ve previously mentioned, up until the final handful of episodes, OITNB was a bit of a letdown, but the final few really redeemed the season and tied things up nicely. It also brought us arguably the best pop-culture reference/line, courtesy of Black Cindy: “Hey, you ever think about Jay Z and Beyoncé fuckin’? ‘Cause I do. Like, more than I do myself, even. You think that’s weird?” But about that finale. It was really all about Vee manipulating her surrogate mother role to Suzanne, and convincing the poor, lost little girl in her to take the fall for Vee’s vicious lock-sock attack on Red. This episode will, without question, be Uzo Aduba’s Emmy submission for S2. The scene where she’s going back-and-forth, speaking in rhyme and directly to the aforementioned lock, which she’s named “Lady Locksley,” while being interrogated by the two detectives is masterful acting.

Kevin: You thought the season was a bit of a letdown? From beginning to end, I think I enjoyed this season of OITNB more than any other series on TV, with the exception of my beloved The Good Wife. (Can we make this convo quick? I have to get back to my post picketing in front of the Television Acad...

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