Open Every Day? Oh Mon Dieu! That Is a Revolution!

October 6, 2014 5:54 PM

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The French government has had enough of its workers not tolling on weekends, and so decided this week that the three most popular museums in the city will soon remain open every day. Be modern, be brave, be bold. In a country known for its ridiculously short work week of 35 hours, half closed on Saturdays, and definitely shut down on Sundays, it is quite a revolution, breaking news, and a daring proposition!

The three major museums are scheduled to stay open all the time, Monday to Sunday, seven days a week -- yes you read correctly, seven days out of seven, whoa! In a land of semi-holly weekend breaks, it is indeed an act of courage. To be fair, I should add that many stores do open on Saturdays, but t...

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