'The Only Words' Remembers Love And Science After The Apocalypse

April 9, 2015 11:00 AM

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Rowan Van Zandt has never been alone. That's because he's lived his entire life in the company of his family: His mom, his dad, and his fraternal twin Faron. Where Faron is strong and impetuous, Rowan is bookish and quiet. The Van Zandts love each other, despite their differences, but they stick together for another reason: The America in which they live, many years in the future, is not an easy place to survive, especially if you're poor.

Rowan's father works in a food processing plant, cracking eggs for plates of readymade airplane food. Flying in a plane, for the few rich enough to do so, is the highest point humans can now reach. Much of 21st-century civilization — including the space program — has been lost or obscured. In fact, ...

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