The 'One' Thing: Why We Need the Therapeutic Quality of Complexity

September 24, 2014 6:45 PM

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The 'One' Thing: Why We Need the Therapeutic Quality of Complexity

We live in a whirlwind of a world that transacts within milliseconds rather than days. At our fingertips, there seems to be little we can't acquire, whether goods, services or information. In the end, we may find ourselves swimming in the overflow of choices and resources to the extent that we begin to feel we are sinking into distraction and decision-frenzy. We are also busier than we've ever been before. Research shows Americans work more and take less leisure time than any other industrialized country in the world (1). In a go-go culture with a buffet of options, convenience and simplicity have become the "go-to." There is certainly no shortage of ways to more efficiently streamline life. One-stop shops are growing in popularity and continue to make consumers satisfied through instant gratification.

This simplified and streamlined approach reveals itself in many facets of our lives -- including health care. Thus, the dawn of health-related websites saturated with blogs on the "3 Ways You Can Improve Your This" and "5 Things You Can Do For a Better That." Although valuable information, one might...

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