One Simple Thing That Makes You a Star

October 23, 2014 6:59 PM

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One Simple Thing That Makes You a Star

Imagine five researchers in white coats come to your office to tell about a breakthrough discovery. It's about one very simple thing they say you can start doing right away that will sustain you at the top of your game. It will also provide you with higher energy and the steady flow of creative insights that solve problems and inspire you with new ideas. And if that weren't enough, they tell you that this very simple thing is an essential step in achieving mastery in your chosen profession.

It's taking a 20-minute break every 90 minutes. That's it. It's simply stepping away from your computer, leaving your smart phone behind, and going for a peaceful walk; preferably outside amongst the birds and trees and sky, and allowing your mind to relax and your brain to refuel (I'll explain the ...

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